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 Musti Laiton - Nous voulons voir Euro Disney (NMC-010)!!!

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musti laiton

Nombre de messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 12/04/2006

MessageSujet: Musti Laiton - Nous voulons voir Euro Disney (NMC-010)!!!   Mer 12 Avr - 14:36



Nous Voulons voir Euro Disney (2006)

Where can you go when you got a piece, pumped up muscles, you believe in Juche and need to get even with someone... Nous voulons voir Euro Disney, because that's where the party is at. Released under creative commons licence, free of charge web-release and promotional CD-R release as NMC-010.

Ville Pitkänen - bass, keyboards
Roope Seppälä - guitar, synths
Reima Tuovinen - synths
Niklas Piiparinen - drums
Simo Sahla - guitar

01 Muskeli-Muscle
02 Juche
03 Tämän iltainen
04 Nous voulons voir euro disney
05 Klitoriz
06 Miestä tilille-Get even
07 Mutka-a Piece
08 Psykerö
09 Kallio-Roihuvuori 4am
10 First blood

------- ------- -------- ------ --------- >>>>

Welcome to Musti Laiton.

Our publishing policy has always put circulation area ahead of profit. Instead of pressing CDs, we have chosen Internet, peer-to-peer distribution and mp3-format. The idea of releasing all of our music in the web is to reach potential fans, but especially people who release, distribute, or work in music related business. Our music is free, and all the material we have already released is also free for commercial use (Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License). For the new releases, we make an agreement with the company about terms they require, but demand a period of time after we can release the music for free and even for commercial use using our own channels.

Releases of Musti Laiton are usually picked from the fruits of the season. Usually recorded over short period of time, preceding long period of tuning and searching. We are aiming for solid releases with a red line of musical evolution. Usually a release of recording means that we feel that we have managed to take one step on ladder that we are climbed since 1996, when we deciced to release "Halli" - our first album, as cd-r release of 100 copies and with free internet distribution. That is also fine challenge for listener, to find out why we have released something. This is also a good reason not to charge for listening our music, some of it might be a bit arduous.

As a band, Musti Laiton has returned to solid trio when it comes to rehersals. When we get occasional visitors, rehersals will turn into recording session. The trio consist of Roope Seppälä, Ville Pitkänen and Reima Tuovinen. This far we have recorded released music with Simo Sahla (Avaruusvuodet, Survival Horror, Pedon Varjo, Nous voulons voir Euro Disney), Niklas Piiparinen (Survival Horror, Pedon Varjo), Juha Karvonen (Avaruusvuodet, Survival Horror) and just played with many others. Friends are invited and welcomed if they appear as gatecrashers... If you are interested to jam with us, please contact us using email (mustilaiton@gmail.com). Singers of any style of music are most welcome.

Roope Seppälä
Musti Laiton

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musti laiton

Nombre de messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 12/04/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Musti Laiton - Nous voulons voir Euro Disney (NMC-010)!!!   Mar 25 Avr - 0:14

We finally got a dedicated tracker for our music. Blazingly fast download speeds for all you Bit Torrent lovers at http://apezu.no-ip.org:6969/

Remember to visit WWW.MUSTILAITON.NET too!
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Musti Laiton - Nous voulons voir Euro Disney (NMC-010)!!!
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